Video Simulators

Nasoni Fountains Discharge Calculation ( Learn to determine discharge and to convert volume/time units)

Roman Bath Water Balance ( Novel example of the hydrologic balance)

Discharge in a RomanĀ  Aqueduct (Application of Mannings Equation to open channel flow)

Use of the Water Level Sounder (Learn how groundwater depth and elevation is determined and solve an aquifer problem)

Specific Conductivity Measurement (Using water electrical conductivty to calculate total dissolve solids)

Filter Breakthrough (Learn how to determine how long a water filter will last)

Environmental Justice (Apply social, technical, economic and legal ideas to help a poor farming community with their water supply)

Water Quality Report Review ( Help a new homeowner decide if they need water treatments)

Darcy Column Constant Head Permeameter Test

Determining Hydraulic Conductivity by a Slug-In Test