Aqua Claudia and Acqua Anio Novus at Aqueduct Park, Rome, ItalyDrlling a well at the WRFSConducting slug test at the WRFSWindmills for groundwater pumpingIn Carlsbad Cave, Carlsbad, New MexicoLooking over a USGS stream gauging stationConducting DO tests at the Motorpool Test SiteStream Gauging in the Velino River, ItalyUCONN Pnuematic Slug Test DeviceTouring the Water System of PompeiiDO Profiling at the Ag Farm Test SiteUCONN Short Course on Slug Testing


I am Gary Robbins. I am now retired and an Emeritus Professor of Geosciences and Natural Resources  at UCONN.  If you are looking to apply to graduate school, please refrain from sending me information.  I am not taking on anymore students.  I suggest you review the faculty pages in Earth Sciences or Natural Resources at UCONN to find someone you might be interested in working with.  There are also many Universities  with graduate programs in Hydrogeology. I suggest you explore these as well.   Good luck.