Nasoni Fountains Discharge Calculation

Nasoni (nasone singular) are nineteenth century fountains in Rome, Italy that are always running. They discharge cool, clean water for drinking. There are about 2500 of these fountains in Rome. In this simulation you will measure and calculate the discharge of a nasone, and use your calcuation to estimate the total amount of water that all of the nasoni discharge and then make some useful discharge conversions. Watch the video. During the video you will have to record the time to fill a 1 liter bottle of water three times. Then using the form below you will calculate an average flow rate. The average will be used to calculate the total discharge for 2500 nasoni and estimate how much all the nasoni discharge in one day. You will need to have a stopwatch or stopwatch app to measure the time. Then you will convert your answer to discharge units.

Nasoni Calculator

  • Average Flow Rate (gpm) = (average in L/s)*(60 s/m) * ( 1gal/3.78541L)
  • Average Flow Rate (L/m) = (average in L/s)*(60s/m)
  • Liters in a day = total discharge for 2500 Nasoni (L/m *60m/hr*24hr/day
  • =total discharge for 2500 Nasoni (gpm) *60m/hr*24hr/day
  • =Total Gallons in one day /7.48 (gal/CF)
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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